Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nars Joie De Vivre Nordstrom Exclusive Cheek Palette Swatches

Nordstrom Exclusive Limited Edition Anniversary Palette

Albatross , Gaiety , Luster , Laguna , Orgasm , Angelika

Albatross , Gaiety , Luster , Laguna , Orgasm , Angelika

I was very excited when I heard Nordies was coming out with this Nars cheek palette for their anniversary sale for 2012.

Every Year Nordstrom has their anniversary sale in July and most of their beauty brands have exclusive limited editions for a good price.  This is throughout the whole store, but I am just focusing on this palette for now.

If you are a Nordstrom Card holder you get early access and first dibs on the sale!  YAY!!

I bought this yesterday when the sale began, it is very much like the Sephora Danamari exclusive all about cheeks palette that was out last year around the holiday season.

  I have both palettes and orgasm is the only duplicate color .  I feel this is definitely worth picking up.

Retail is $65.00  and Limited Edition , so if you are interested in this you should get on it soon :)




  1. So is the pigmentation in this palette as good or better than the single blushes? Or would you say they are the same? Thanks!

  2. Damn I totally missed out on this. I hope to find one on a blog sale someday. It's beautiful :)