Monday, July 16, 2012

M.A.C. Nordstrom Anniversary Lip Sets / Lip Bag Illustrated by Julie Verhoeven

Vivid Imagination (cremesheen) , Julia (dazzleglass creme) , Pink Treat (cremestick Liner )

Inside of bag

Ravishing (cremesheen) , Sublime Shine (dazzleglass creme) , CremeKiss (cremestick liner)

Pink & Peach set side by side

I wasn't planning on picking up anything from M.A.C. from their Nordstrom anniversary sale, until I went in store to see these on display........ Bad idea huh.

They have 4 lip sets which colors include;  Nude , Pink , Peach and Red  they all come with a Creme Sheen Lipstick , Dazzleglass Creme Gloss and a Creme Lip liner and the bag for $39.50.

I fell in love with the Pink and Peach sets.  The nude comes with creme d nude cremesheen which looks like death on my lips so that wouldn't work and the Red set was not impressing me.

Now the two sets I picked up I absolutely love especially the Peach (which is by far the most popular and almost sold out already).

I believe most,  not all of the colors are Limited to these sets.

So If you see one you like you should get a move on to pick it up.

Sale started already for Nordstrom cardholders and starts July 20th to everyone else.

Do any of these sets tempt you??



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