Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ulta Haul & Free Goodies

 I went to Ulta today just  to browse around and see what's new  because I haven't been in there in a while.

Just getting back from Imats, " Did I need to go there"??  NO!

Anyway here is what I picked up: The new Benefit ulta plush lips gloss that is suppost to match with the boxed blushes in Dandelion and Coralista , Tarte mini primer set and Layla Hologram nail polish in 01 Mercury Twilight.

The Benefit was suppost to come with 3 free minis and the tarte was suppost to come with a mini deluxe sample of their Marajuca oil , which I don't really care for.

They were all out of those specific deluxe samples, so the sales associate just started grabbing some of the stuff they did have, I thought she was going to let me choose one of them, but nope she have me all 3 of them.

Free Goodies

FREE GOODIES: Marc Jacobs umbrella, Mineral Glow from Pur Minerals, and MY  Favorite The Hemp body travel set which includes: pomegranate moisturizer 2.25 oz, herbal body moistuizer 2.25 oz , full size Hempz lip balm, and Herbal body butter 1.5 oz.

My total was $62 and change but I used some points, which took off $30.00 and some tax and my total was under $29.00..

Total score :)  

Review coming soon on the Benefit lip gloss.



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  1. Great deals! I haven't shopped at Ulta in soo long. I want to say at least a year. I want that umbrella! lol