Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lime Crime Nail polish and Aquataenia palette Swatches

This palette is available July 2012

Cutest shopping bag ever!!

Once in a blue mousse , Parfait Day , Lavendairy

Holy Cow Batman!! Stop the Press!!  I am so blown away by Lime Crime's newest editions.

The nail polish is amazing, super pigmented and gorgeous colors..... I wish I had bought more :(

I picked up these goodies at Imats L.A. this past weekend.

I wanted the Antoinette palette , but they put the wrong palette in my bag, they gave me Aquataenia instead, but I am so happy with it anyway.

It isn't even available till July 2012..... and sold out at Imats too.

The prices were amazingly cheap, the palette was only $20.00 and the nail polishes were $6.00,  I keep kicking my self for not getting more nail polishes.  ( keep in mind these were ONLY imat special pricing)

Just look at the swatches, that is one coat. Insane I know.

I will probably buy more at some point, but not sure when because Lime Crime shipping is too expensive in my opinion.

These products will be full price when they hit the site.

Let me know your thoughts??



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  1. OMG!!! The pigmentation is amazing especially in the nail polishes! I want some! Grrrr. I'll have to wait until next month!