Friday, May 25, 2012

Sephora + Pantone Universe Shades of Nature Shadow Palette Swatches and Review

I love how sleek looking this palette is, seriously it looks like an ipad , so ya it's basically the same size of it too.

Front of Box

Back of box

same design on actual palette

Back of actual palette

All the lovely colors

Clear cover shows actual numbers of all the colors

 All the swatches down below are starting from the left to right of the palette, each row as showed going down.  Lightest to darkest in each row , as you can see :)

Also the top picture of each swatch is No flash natural light and bottom picture is taken with flash.

Pantone:  11-0907, 15-1511, 17-1227, 18-1320 , 19-0916

Pantone: 13-1107 , 12-0812 , 14-1312 , 15-1327 , 15-1333

Pantone: 12-1209 , 12-1310 , 14-2808, 16-2614, 17-2526

Pantone: 12-2903 , 13-2802 , 17-3725 , 19-3619 , 19-3713

Pantone: 13-4108, 17-3802 , 17-3911 , 19-3828, 19-4205

Pantone; 13-6105 , 13-5313 , 15-4421 , 15-4717 , 17-4427

Pantone: 12-0712 ,12-0736 , 13-064 , 17-6219 , 18-5606

 I was shocked when I got this in the mail because I had not placed a Sephora order around the time this came in.

I was pleasantly surprised to see this in the box.  I love the whole packaging of this palette  from the box in comes in , too the sleek slim design of the palette and the huge mirror.

Sephora and Pantone Universe have teamed up again to this collection  "Shades of Nature Eyeshadow Palette"  and a brush set too, which I don't have.

I am actually pretty happy with this palette, most of the colors are good  but there are some  that are way too chalky , and some not very pigmented.

So wear an eye primer under these :)

Overall the good out weighs the bad with this palette in my opinion.  My only issue is with the actual palette, it does not snap shut it just lays flat which would be a big problem If you want to travel with this.

I will just keep mine in the box it came in and probably would not travel with this , I guess I could taped it shut. LOL

This is a Limited Edition palette so If you like it, you have to act soon.

 I have heard Sephora & Pantone Universe are going to keep this palettes coming with different colors, which is pretty cool.

I am hoping they will improve the formulation of the shadows in general. 

Retail on this is $55.00 and is available on and will hitting the stores in June.

Bottom Line : You might want to check this out in person  before jumping into it. 




  1. always a great feeling to get something in the mail you were not expecting right!!! =)

  2. Is it about on par w/ the quality of the other Sephora eye shadow palettes they come out w/? The swatches look really nice!