Friday, May 11, 2012

Philosophy Makeup for $3.00? Yes Please!

Big Lots  is having a close out sale on certain Philosophy Makeup products , so I went a little crazy!!

Every item in these pictures were $3.00 each piece.  AMAZING DEAL!    

I suggest you take a look at Big Lots in your area ..... I went to 3 different Big Lot stores ,  and with these gas prices , my hubby wasn't too happy about that :( hehe

The retail on these is between $20.00 to 42.00 each piece.

All the stores I went to had limited quantities and they were on an end cap display, at one store in front, and two others in the back by the makeup area.

If you are interested I suggest you go a.s.a.p., great gifts for Mother's Day, friends birthdays, stocking stuffers.

I did buy extras of certain items if you are interested , I will selling them for $6.00 each ,  ( Due to pay pal fees , purchasing shipping materials )  plus shipping cost.  I would also be willing to trade items as well :)

So were you lucky enough to come across these items??




  1. Wow was looking at that palette today in the UK for £17.95 which is $28.84!!!

  2. Which of the products did you buy extras of? Are you going to update your blog sale with them? I'd like to know which items would be for sale.

  3. wow! Your big lot has a ton of stuff! Mine only had a few items! I gotta get my parents to look at the one at home.