Thursday, May 17, 2012

NYX Haul from Cherry Culture

Peach & Spice Blush

Top to Bottom:  Angelina lip plumper ,  Iced Coffee ,  Fuschia

Cherry Culture was having 40% off NYX products (Not the new stuff though)  So I decided to browse around to see if anything caught my eye.

Yup these products did , and for 40%  off , I can't resist a good sale.

Just the palettes alone retail  for $30.00 & $25.00.  

I picked up:

Peach blush
Spice Blush
Angelina lip plumper
Fuschia Jumbo lip pencil
Iced coffee Jumbo lip pencil
Butt naked eyes palette
Makeup artist kit

All orders come with a free little lip balm, I chose watermelon.

My total was only $51.26  not too bad.

Let me know If you want swatches of the palettes?




  1. I love the color of those blushes. So pretty. I'm checking them out right now. LOL. Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi... Really good shades..... Thanks a lot will definitely try that! :)