Monday, May 14, 2012

The Look Bag May 2012 / Beauty MAY-hem!

Loving my May Look Bag

Samples of Erno Laszlo Skincare

I really like the nail colors that came in my bag, they don't have names on them , all the bottom has is 2012 stamped
I'm sure they came in a set and they just threw a few colors in each bag from the sets , that is why the names are probably not on the bottles themselves.
The Orange is a gorgeous bright color with a nice sheen to it and the other is a light Taupe color which is a matte shade both are very pretty colors!

901 Sweet Chemise
I am glad to see so much color in this months bag!!  YAY!!!

Naked Princess Lipsloss

These lipgloss testers are super tiny,  but hey you get four different colors to try.. LOL
Any makeup samples are always welcome :)  

Kelly Teegarden Organics

I am very happy with my May bag, I prefer more color in my bags as opposed to skincare samples.

Last month was just o.k. it was more skin and hair care but this month is Fabulous ;)

The Look Bag is only $10.00 a month.   This is my second bag and so far so good!!

Click here if you are interested, NO it's not an affiliate link either!!

Do any of you get this monthly subscription yet?




  1. Hand over that orange! ;) Can't wait to see swatches!

  2. I received a lovely green and cream polish. Unfortunately the cream chips like mad only a day after applying it so I wouldn't buy this in a full size. The glosses are very nice. I would buy them. Also, I received an organic serum and it had spilled all over everything. I called to complain and honestly to cancel because I was so frustrated with the packaging they graciously offered to send me a new bag so I'll stick with it. It's so much fun receiving surprises every month.

  3. Gorgeous! Will have to try these products.

  4. I liked this month's bag better than last month's bag. I think my favorite was definitely the lip gloss.