Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Milani Pure Love

Took picture of store display ( probably thought I was a creeper)

Picked this up a few days ago at Walgreens , lucky enough to get one because you see the display only has 3 eyeshadow trios and they are Limited Edition.

I picked up this and one nail polish from the collection, which is a Walgreens exclusive.

I like it but I wish the highlighter was a bit lighter in color, the pictures make it look lighter then it actually is.

The color is a light gray , it is ok , just not a color preference for me.

The trio was $4.99 and the nail polish was $4.79 I believe.

Bottom Line:

If you want anything from this collection , you should go to Walgreens very soon , because the display is so small and it will sell out quick.   



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