Friday, April 13, 2012

Little Black Bag Review

 I have been subscribed to Little Black Bag since February, and just decided to show you my April bag so far.  I do have a few issues with the selection and shipping and tax...... While all of you don't get taxed , except us lucky ones in California  ( sarcasm in my voice) , plus shipping cost, the $49.99 LBB ends up costing Californians $60 bucks!! ( GRRRRR)   Most of the items are older products, so yes you could shop TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshalls for the same discount, probably even more.  I don't usually shop at those stores. No particular reason, I just don't.  So I think this is a good idea , but still have reserves on it.
$60.00 every month for a subscription is not cheap, but you can skip months if you like.  Also they have new stuff everyone Monday , as from my own personal experience I notice.

 Comes wrapped in black tissue paper, and you can exchange your items if you are not happy with them, which I should have done with a few products from my Feb bag but didn't and threw away the slip... My Bad.

 The trading does get kind of addicting and fun, I mean some people  turn their  3 or 4 items into 9 and 10 items , I have even seen someone have 18 items, and half of them were like $60.00 and over items. That is insane to me.  But good for her and her trading skills.   So here is what I got for my April bag,  a BCBGeneration glitter crossbody bag ( annoyed glitter goes everywhere) , and a pair of  Betsey Johnson sunglasses, which I love, and in my opinion , one can never have too many sun glasses.

 This bag is on Zappos site for clearance already, and I have no clue about the sunglasses, but I am sure the same on them too.

 Make sure you pick an item that you wouldn't mind paying $60 bucks for , and yes I say 60 because that again is what I have to pay.

I wish LBB would give free shipping to californians to off set the tax and maybe if you buy more then 1 bag a month, you get a discount on additional bags..

Have you got LBB yet??  What are your thoughts?



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  1. Anonymous4/13/2012

    Hey Vicki! Thanks for your post!! Glad you had fun. We're looking into loyalty rewards for our monthly members. California tax is now fun! I've taken down your suggestions for our next meeting!