Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tarte The Miracle Of Maracuja 8 Piece collection QVC Exclusive TSV Set

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New Eyeshadow Quad

Pink Cloud , Silver Mist , Purple Fog , Dark Ash

Brand New shade in Peaceful

Brand New Blush formulation in Shimmering Poppy
This blush is Amazing!!!

Marajuca creaseless Concealer in Medium

Peaceful lipgloss , Poppy blush  , Waterproof liner in Cashmere , Concealer in medium

Star of the kit ( Full Size )

It is not a secret that I love Tarte Cosmetics, and  I have been using their products for years. My newest obsession is the Tarte amazonian clay blushes ( I own 6 ) , they are amazing!!

I get many of my Tarte sets from QVC , which I love too!!  So this is their latest TSV  ( Today's Special Value) for March 16th.

You get all 8 full size products for a the super low price of $59.96... that price is insane...The Marajuca oil retails for $46.00 alone, and the gloss $21.00. those two alone are more then this kit.

Most of these products are exlusive to QVC and the colors as well.

I am over the moon for the blush, it is much like the Maybelline bouncy blush, but the Tarte one has a much smoother texture and feels cooling to the touch.   ( LOVE IT)

I am also a fan of the marajuca oil, and everything else in the kit....Not that you couldn't tell already.

I am MAC NC42 and I chose the medium concealer , I do own the exact concealer in tan also, but it is too dark, kind of looks a bit orange on me.

So I help that helps some of you to choose the correct concealer colors, since that is the only thing you select in this awesome kit.

Hope you check it out March 16th at midnight, Lucky for me it's on at 9:00 pm pst.

 *HINT* two mini pieces come with set that I didnt show :)

I bought this with my own money



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