Monday, February 13, 2012

M.A.C. Quick Sizzle VS. M.A.C. Hollywood Nights

I missed out on M.A.C.'s Quick Sizzle lipstick, like many of you have. It is completely sold out everywhere.

Except Ebay, which is selling it for double and triple price.

I decided to venture to my local M.A.C. store today to see what I thought was this " Must Have " color I had over looked when I ordered on the pro site before it was released in stores and missed out on.

They had several testers of Quick Sizzle, but NO stock what so ever. I asked to try it on anyway, and yes I swatched it on my hand and walked around like that. lol  I had to compare it to something in my stash , right???

So after looking over all my lipsticks, the closest is M.A.C.'s very own Hollywood Nights from the Heatherette collection.  Hollywood Nights is a satin and Quick Sizzle is a matte.

So here are the swatches below, side by side. I can hardly tell the difference once applied side by side on my lips.  So If you missed out on Quick Sizzle ,  and you have Hollywood Nights you are in luck :)  I know many CCO's still may have Hollywood Nights.

Quick Sizzle alone

Quick sizzle alone

Left side Hollywood Nights / Right side Quick Sizzle

Left side Hollywood Nights / Right side Quick Sizzle

Hollywood Night and Quick Sizzle

It looks excactly the same, but onces a Satin and the other matte

low light

What do you think? Do they look similar to you??



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  1. They do look identical. I'm glad you pretty much found your color, but just with a different name :-) Very cute!