Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rimmel Long Lasting Lipstick by Kate Moss Swatches & Review

01 , 08 , 12 , 14

01, 08 ,12, 14

I think I only owned one Rimmel Lipstick prior to getting these four. ( The purple packaging )

Of coarse the packaging caught my eye, it looks sleek...lol

These colors look matte in the tube, but on your lips they look and feel like a satin formula.  My favorite is 08, its like a nude pink color and my least favorite is 12 , a bright tangerine color, but it will look great once I get a tan.

I bought mine on Ulta.com , I seen them at Walgreens a few weeks back, but when I decided to go back and get a few , they were all sold out...Well the colors I wanted anyway.

The special packaging is to celebrate Kate Moss' 10 year Anniversary with Rimmel London.
I am not sure If these are limited, you know how sometimes companies release only a few on a display and wait a few months to bring out more of the collection. ( Sucks)

What do you think of the collection? Will you be picking up any??




  1. We must have the same taste.My favourite is 08 and least fav is 12. xx

  2. oooh I love 12! I have the opposite taste. LOL

  3. There was a Kate Moss fuchsia I thought the US was getting, too, but I never see it in stores. I think we needed that shade!

  4. so pretty!! love 14, and i can TOTALLY see olivia rocking 12!!

  5. I picked up all of them at CVS just for fun. I love the formula and 08 is my favorite. I read somewhere that they released more colors over in the UK, including Kate's signature red.

  6. Yes I think the UK also has them listed as different colors too.