Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Glam January bag

January's Theme is Back to Nature

How cute is the Pink shipping Envelope!

Freeman facial Peel-Off  mask ( 8 oz / Full size) $8.00  & cute bag ( free )

the Balm Shady Lady eyeshadow in Shameless Shana ( 0.12 oz  full size) $16.00

Sheer Cover Concealer duo in light/medium ( 0.10 oz )  $14.50 

Wen Sweet Almond Mint cleansing conditioner ( 2 fl oz. )  $2 and change

I was so excited when I first heard about MyGlam back in early December, unfortunately I missed the cut off for the December bag , but I enrolled in time to start in January!!!  YAY

When I saw this pink package in my mailbox today, I got the biggest smile on my face.

I am extremely happy with all the products that came in this months bag and look forward to trying them!
( I actually have tried the Balm shadows in the past and I love them )

I love monthly subscriptions for products, I get Test Tube Beauty/ QVC edition which is every 3 months and I used to get ( Not saying name) but came in a BOX hint ,hint  , yes I'm sure you all know what company that I speak of...Anyway I was very unhappy with that subscription.

I felt it was way more misses then hits and I was always getting mine towards the end of the month ( BOO)  so I cancelled it :)

My Glam is only $10.00 a month , and look at all the wonderful items you get!  I did see what came in December bags and it looked great as well. You get way over $10.00 of product.

The Value on the items is about $39.00 for January . plus it came with a few coupon codes.

Will I keep it?   YES!!

I know that My Glam received so many subscribers from the get go, that they had to stop sign ups, but keep an eye out on their facebook and twitter to see when they will start up again.

This is a new company , but  from what I have seen and heard from other My Glam subscribers this is definitely one monthly subscription you want to get!!



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