Monday, January 2, 2012

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush Review & Swatches

Pink Plum 40 ( Not good to apply w brush)

Peach Satin 20

Plum Wine 50 & Hot Tamale 70 ( my newest ones)



Peach Satin, Pink Plum , Plum Wine , Hot Tamale ( flash )

Peach Satin, Pink Plum , Plum Wine , Hot Tamale ( no flash)

Peach Satin, Pink Plum , Plum Wine , Hot Tamale

I was very curious to try these blushes, I think I may have tried the old Maybelline mousse blush a long time ago but I didn't care for it.

The texture on these is pretty neat, it is a sponge like, squishy feeling I would say ( Kinda like a stress ball feeling).  I bought Peach Satin and Pink Plum a few weeks back and have been testing those out.

They are too light for my skin tone though, I really have to build up the color to even get a descent show of color. I don't like how they apply with a brush you can see in the top picture how bad it shows in product and its very hard to build up that way...I have tried my beauty blender as well but I find it applies best with my fingers.

It is practically weightless on my skin, which I like. Lasting power is pretty good too, I liked it enough to buy two darker colors, that would compliment my skin better.

I bought my first two at Target for $6.99 and the darker ones at Ulta on BOGO sale.

Don't be afraid of the darker colors, they may look scary but like I said before the formula is very buildable.

Have you tried these yet??



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