Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Favorite Christmas gifts!

I love the box!!!

This was my one of my favorite gifts from my husband. He is always so good to me.

I decided on Black Friday I wanted a Pandora Bracelet

Black Friday represents the day I decided I wanted this bracelet and the day my husband got it for me ( He started purchasing the charms leading up to christmas) . Queen B is me, because I am the Queen B of my house.

Cupcake Charm , represents my daughter, because I have always called her sweetie  since she was a baby. I did not want the traditional boy or girl charm to represent my children, I wanted charms with a story behind it :) so I am just sharing small meanings behind them.

Sunshine Charm, represents my son, who I ironically have called him " my sunshine", since he was born.

Mom charm, represents me of coarse :)

Pink Flower , represents my love for the color Pink and what girl doesn't like flowers.

My son who is 9 yrs old ,  gets " Fake" money at school for the student store, for good behavior, helping others, etc. This is, very special to me, because he spent all his $52.00 on this heart candle for me for my Christmas present.  I love that little boy so much....Yup he's My sunshine!

It is so cute! I wont burn it though, just display it as the proud mommy I am.

I got many more Christmas presents, but I only wanted to share my top 2 most meaning full with you all.  I am so blessed to have such a wonderful loving husband, and two great kiddos.

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