Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wet n Wild Bake-Off Contest Holiday 2011 palette Swatches

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As mentioned  in prior post, I will be doing all 3 palettes in separate post, so it doesn't get too picture heavy, like I usually like to do :)

Bake-Off Contest!

The middle left color on picture above, reminds me of planet earth, when looking from space view! LOL Maybe it's just me.

Applied Dry

This particular palette is pretty pigmented when applied dry, but I still personally prefer using these wet. I like the sheen it gives when they are wet. I do love blue eyeshadow but I don't really like wearing blue eyeshadow myself, it still reminds me of 70's and 80's.

Applied Wet

I do like all 3 palettes , but I prefer the other two palettes over this one, because like I said I really don't wear blue shadows.



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