Monday, August 8, 2011

Sonia Kashuk Limited Editon / Kashuk tool's starter set

Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition set , Retails $24.99

Comes with  her Beauty brush up pamphlet

Blush Brush,  retails for $17.99

Large domed eye shadow brush , Retails for 9.99 ( Great brush )

Small eye shadow brush , Retails $9.99

I picked this up at Target last week, and I love it!! The Value on the brushes is $ 38.00 and you get the set for $ 24.99.  I'm a brush fanatic so of coarse I had to buy it.

I usually don't care for her limited edition brush sets, they just don't seem as well made as the regular brushes in her line, but these are all full size brushes and  they are from her regular line.

Sonia Kashuk has the best drug store brushes on the market in my opinion , Yes I mean Target, but you get the point.

I love all the brushes, especially the domed eye shadow brush, I own two now, I use it for blending, and even contour and highlight on my face. It's a total multi tasker.

These are Limited Edittion so you might want to pick a set up soon.



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