Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chanel Blossom Glosimer Swatches & Review / Chanel Le Blanc collection

Chanel Mica on top & Chanel Blossom on bottom

Look at all the colorful shimmer!!

Chanel Blossom on left and Chanel Mica on right

The Chanel Le Blanc collection was first released as an Asia exclusive, but a few months later for the Nordstroms Anniversary sale which is every July, it was re-released as an exclusive to them.

I picked up a few items from the collection and have posted or will post the reviews soon.

I do own several Chanel glossimers, but I must tell you Blossom is very different in texture then all the other glossimers  that I own. It has a very a smooth gel like consistency, and the color is gorgeous!!

It is very close to Chanel's Mica, but the textures are completely different. Mica is a little more opaque and Blossom is more clear, both have the colored glitter flecks in them.

Now the question is " Do you need both ? "  probably not, unless you are like me and collect some colors. but again the consistency is very nice.

Can you tell I love this gloss or what? 

I say at least go to Nordstroms to check out Blossom, because the texture is so smooth on the lips and doesn't feel gritty at all, and Mica tends to be a little gritty.

Bottom line:  I love the smooth texture of this gloss, feels amazing on my lips. Back up worthy :)



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