Sunday, July 24, 2011

Too Faced Smokey Eye palette 2nd Edition


L- New smokey eye palette /  R- Old smokey eye palette

size difference

Compare colors / No doubles, YAY :)

Natural lighting

Comes w 3 look cards

Day Look

Classic Look

Fashion Look ( my personal favorite)

I did Fashion look

Today while browsing at Ulta I came across the new Too Faced smokey eye palette, sound familiar?  Yes because they had a smokey eye palette before, but this is the second edition.

I was glad to see they made the palette quite a bit smaller, more compact and that means easier to travel with ( Hooray).
Both palettes new and old are both beautiful so I really don't like one more then the other, they are both very different and the best part, NO doubles!!

I HATE buying palettes when companies keep putting the same colors in a palette and only add a few new colors  and make a new palette with half of the colors we already have!  ( so annoying )

The price on this is $36.00 and the 3 larger colors are 2g each for total of 6g and the 6 smaller colors are 0.9g which totals 5.4. as opposed to the older palette which is  1.9 for the 3 bigger colors = 5.7g  and the 6 smaller 1.0 g = 6g.

So basically they made the 3 bigger ones in the new one a tiny bit more product and the smaller shadows have a tiny bit less.
Which is fine with me because the compact size is better in my opinion and the difference in quantity is so minimal  :)

Right now Ulta has a free mini lip liner and gloss with this purchase for free.

Will you be purchasing this?



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  1. I sooo want the 2nd edition!! Great swatches Vick!