Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Le Metier De Beaute Nail polish & swatches Nordstrom Exclusive

Nordstrom exclusive set

Midnight Rendevous

Heat of the night

True Romance

Chrome Passion

They do come in  individual mini boxes as shown

This is an Nordstrom Anniversary exclusive and it retails for $25.00, which is a great deal because each little bottle cost $10.00 each I believe.

I personally didn't care for these, the applicator is so small, and doesn't apply evenly. The colors didn't seem extra special too me, nothing I really could not find a dupe for.

I wanted to like these, BUT I just could not get over the small applicators.
The pigmentation is pretty good after two coats.

You might take a look at them If any color appeals to you. I do think they are cute little bottles, but that is not a reason to own them, in my case anyway.

True Romance and Chrome Passion were my favorites out of the four.

I wouldn't recommend these, just because the applicators are so small and the application wasn't even.  Maybe they would work with someone who has small hands.

Have you tried these? I would love to hear what your thoughts.



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