Thursday, July 28, 2011

Le Metier De Beaute Corinthian Swatch & Review

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Taupe Lovers unite

Corinthian on lid and Bordeaux and Fire Lily in crease very lightly applied ( All Le metier shadows used)

Le Metier De Beaute eyeshadow in Corinthian has a cult following and is not an easy color to find in most areas. I bought it at my local Neiman Marcus, but even they only had 2 left and my local Nordstrom was sold out completely.

This color is a little hard to describe, it looks kind of like MAC's satin taupe, but its much more pigmented and has more frost too it,  just a prettier color all together and its double the size.
This retails for $30.00 , a  little high priced yes, but If you are a taupe lover, you need this :)

Sometimes taupe colors are way too boring for me, but not this color, its absolutely stunning. I have it applied lightly in the pictures, but it looks amazing when you pack it on the lid.

I know the pictures look grey but maybe because of the counter top, because if it was on brown, it would pull towards brownish color more.  Its like a chameleon color.

You won't be disappointed with this purchase :) Let me know your thoughts?

***Just got word from Le Metier De Beaute, starting in August this color will be stocked more, which means easier for you to find :) **********




  1. I've wanted this color forever! They are always sold out when I go into Nordstrom and its been sold out online for months. I think its beautiful, so I will continue the search. Thanks for this!

  2. ShaGlam I hope you find it soon....I may go back to Neimans Marcus to buy another one and have a giveaway because I know it is really hard to find :)

  3. ShaGlam, call Neiman Marcus and tell them you want it. What they do if they don't have it is call other stores in the nation that do and send it to you. Don't call the 1800 line, call a store. Here is the number to Neimans in Dallas 214-363-8311. Hope you find it!

  4. Just got word from Le Meteier, they said in August this color will not be so hard to find :) YAY!!