Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chanel Rose Envolee Quad Review & swatches

Nordstrom Exclusive

I would love this palette If the colors where pigmented and actually showed up

took 3 swipes each to get this coloring :(

Applied wet w primer

applied wet w primer

applied dry w primer

applied dry w primer

I had tried this quad out in Nordstroms before the anniversary sale, and swore I was not going to buy it and I didn't like it.

The day I picked up my other pre sale items, I decided to take the plunge, yes because the SA talked me into it stating it was only because the testers had so many fingers and oils in it ( eww) , it was not showing true color.

I came home and played with it, and yes I was right with my first assumption, it doesnt apply very well at all, you really need to use it wet to get color, which is gorgeous but I don't think it is up to par for Chanel standards.

One eye is using the quad wet and the other dry, you can clearly see the wet side looks gorgeous, but I feel I should not have to work that hard to make this quad work for me and for the price of $57.00......NO THANKS!!

When applied dry there was also tons of fall out , I felt like a disco ball :(

Yes I know these are backed shadows, but the pigmentation is terrible on these. 

The wet side took a few layers to get the color intensity and the dry side took several and still didn't achieve the coloring I wanted and yes I did use primer under both eyes.

I thought maybe because it is a limited edition I would keep it,  and the colors are gorgeous ( but  too bad they don't show up very well), but nope it is not worth it and is going back asap.

Let me know your thoughts? Did you pick up anything from the collection?



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  1. I've heard this already often from Chanel quads, so I wouldn't be keen on buying one either. The wet colours do look gorgeous but for that price, no, it shouldn't be!