Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chanel Byzance De Chanel swatches Topkapi quad & Rouge Byzantin


Rouge Allure in Rouge Byzantin

I haven't been lemming after a Chanel collection in a while, but this one jumped out at me!  It is so gorgeous and it is a Limited Edition, so If you like anything from this collection, RUN......Don't Walk :)

Topkapi has a gorgeous and very detailed quilted look embossed in it, yes it actually hurt a little when I swatched it ( LOL, no not physically) but to put a little dent in it did.  I think I need a back up, but at $65.00 , this quad doesn't come cheap, but does anything Chanel?

Next is the Rouge Allure luminous satin lip colour in Rouge Byzantin, which is a beautiful sparkling reddish, pinky color, and yes this too is a " must have " in my opinion.  I am lucky enough that with my  skin color, I can pull this color off, but unfortunately not everyone can.

This was $32.00 which is normal price, for Chanel, they did hike up the price on the quad and lessen the product :(

The collection also comes with two blushes, but I passed on them, the collection is only sold online and at a few Chanel stores so unless you live near Soho or Beverly Hills your best bet is to order online, that's what I did.

Let me know your thoughts??



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