Sunday, June 5, 2011

La Femme Blush palette & Swatches

My  personalized palette

I kinda lurvve my palette ;)

L-R :  Coral Spice, Framboesia, Golden Sunset, Peach Sparkle, Lilac Champagne, Mandarin Red
L-R : Lilac Lace, Mocha, Precious Plum, Golden Ruby, Purple Passion, Cinnabar

 I have been wanting to try La Femme Blushes for a while now, and finally decided to get them.

I bought them from Makeup Mania, which I was hesitant to order from because I heard so many reviews stating slow shipping.  The prices are cheaper then most places that sell La Femme too.

I was pleasantly surprised that I got my palette within a weeks time.  I also opted for the make your own palette choice, which is only $35.00 for the palette, and and you get to pick all 12 of  your own colors.

I am very pleased with my order, and I would order from Makeup Mania again :) I want to also mention, it was packaged very nice and secure in bubble wrap and tissue paper.

The pigmentation on these blushes is fantastic, and a little goes along way.  The blushes are on the soft side, so be careful for fall out. This is great for your makeup kit, even if you're a beginner in makeup, it's nice too have so many choices.

I do recommend that you look at blogs and YouTube videos to check out swatches and colors you may want because the site's color swatches are not that great.

Here is the link if you are interested, just click

Let me know your thoughts?




  1. I forgot all about Makeup Mania until reading this post! Peach Sparkle looks gorgeousss! Well, I mean all of them look pretty, but I think Peach Sparkle is my favorite just from first glance...XD

    Being a blush fanatic, I think I may follow in your steps and make an order of my own soon! =D

  2. I know all the colors are pretty. I love peach sparkle too :)

  3. This looks awesome love the post will have to check out that site asap!

  4. i went to the link, are these eyeshadows or blush. since i saw a blk color

  5. Oh wow, that purple IS pretty!

  6. hi this has nothing to do with this post i was just wondering if you sold the rock and republic blush "call me" ?

  7. Cecy, yes I still have it.