Friday, June 3, 2011

Birchbox Just Because Limited Edition Box


Jouer Creme shadow in feather, Lipstick Queen gloss in Jean Queen ( rosy color), Shu Uemura Essence Absolute

I received my  " Just Because " Limited Edition birchbox today. This has 3 full size items and some samples.
The price alone for the Jouer creme shadow and Lipstick queen gloss are a $38.00 value. The whole box is $38.00, so think of the rest as free gifts :)

I hope they continue to do this every few months, because we all love full size makeup products at a great price :)

If Birchbox does decide to do this a few times a year, I would hope they would give us a sneak peek in advance to make sure we want the box for that time.  Especially because the price is $38.00.

Box included:

Jouer Creme shadow in Feather
Lipstick Queen gloss in Jean Queen
Nest artisan block coasters
Papabubble Candy
Quince & Apple Preserves
Shu Uemera Essence Absolute a nourishing protective oil for your hair
Also a cute little Just because card.

Did any of you buy it?? Let me know? I love the shadow and gloss so far, I didn't try anything else yet.



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  1. I love it I wish they did Birchbox in Ireland:(....I would totally get one!!!

    I think the Jouer eyeshadow looks amazing