Monday, May 9, 2011

Sally Hansen Barracuda, First Kiss & Coral Fever swatches

Coral Fever, Barracuda, First Kiss

Coral Fever

Thick applicator

Barracuda ( my favorite )
First Kiss ( second favorite)
Coral Fever & First Kiss

I finally found these today at Target!  They were on an end cap display. A few colors were already sold out.

I am a little disappointed with the formula, it does not apply evenly despite the thick applicator brush.
I just applied two coats, but I did not use a base coat, so next time I will try that to see if it helps.

I love Barracuda and First kiss.  I am not too crazy about Coral Fever; I think I just grabbed it because it was the last one. Don't get me wrong, it is pretty, but the other two colors really pop out to me.

I know these are selling out quickly and are getting hard to find, so you might wanna go take a look to see If your local Target has them..      ( Click on any picture to enlarge image)

My Walgreens and Rite-Aid both have not gotten these in stock yet and they are not sure they will.

** GOOD NEWS*** One of these colors is a great Chanel dupe! That will be up shortly after this post!




  1. Love your blog. I'm following you. :) Please follow mine...I'm new to the blog scene. :)

  2. I like First Kiss. I have way too many colors that look like Barracuda. LOL

  3. omg I'm soo glad you found them woo hoo

  4. Im really liking first kiss!

  5. I love that minty shade!!