Friday, May 13, 2011

Chanel Riva VS Sally Hansen Barracuda swatches / Dupe Alert

Sally Hansen Barracuda and Chanel Riva

Different lighting, but still look same

3 nails have Barracuda and the other 2 Chanel

Can you tell?? ( Excuse my dry hands)


I bought Chanel Riva months ago and I liked the color, but the consistency is very poor, You need  3 coats minimum and still the color pay off is not 100%...I decided to keep it though, because I didn't have any nail polish close too it.

Fast forward to Mother's Day, I was in Target and seen the new Tracy Reese Collection for Sally Hansen, which I knew was coming out, but in my area it had not been found. I purchased 3 colors from the collection.

So when I got home and swatched Barracuda it look so familiar to something I had, so I went through my nail stash and low and behold Chanel Riva.

Chanel Riva is a little more blue where as Barracuda a little more green blue, you can not tell the difference unless you are in direct sunlight and even then the difference is very minimal. It's a  Great Dupe!

Chanel Riva does have a teeny tiny bit of shimmer, but again I can barely see it. I believe Riva was L.E. and was $25.00 and I know Sally Hansen Barracuda is also L.E. and I paid $ 5.00 for it.

It is still around ladies so you better get a hurry if you want it.

My thumb, middle and pinky fingers have Barracuda on them and the my other two nails have Chanel Riva.


  1. Ohh such a pretty color! but crazy chanel and sally what a great dupe!

  2. Whoa, you can't even tell the difference. That's a really odd and pretty color too, so I'm surprised it has a match. I feel bad whenever I spend money on shades that have similar if not exact cheaper matches!