Saturday, April 16, 2011

Milani Baked Goodies for me

These are the baked goods I love to get :)
LT to RT: Golden bronzer, Corallina blush, Lip Flash 01, Vivacious fuchsia 112

I must say, I am really impressed with the Milani Baked bronzer and blush, I like the Lip Flash, its just a little to dark on my lips, but gives a gorgeous shimmer.

The HD Advanced lip color in Vivacious Fuchsia , is gorgeous, the down fall is It doesn't last long, it feels waxy and leaves my lips a little dry afterwards, even though it is suppost to be hydrating.

The bronzer I received it too dark for me at the moment ( will suit me better when I get my summer tan) , but I think it would great on my shoulders and legs to give a little extra color, I will be purchasing the lighter one for comparison.

I am loving the Baked Blush, I actually bought another color since doing this post, I also got a nail polish called Gem, I took a twitpic of it, but I did not include this in the pictures.

I am really happy with most of these products, and I think they are worth taking a look and trying something from the new Baked line.



* These items were gifted to me, all thoughts and reviews are 100% my own opinions*

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  1. The blush looks pretty! Too bad we don't have Milani here )=