Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kryolan Shimmering Vision palette & swatches

All the colors
Top two rows up close
Bottom row close up
Back of palette

This Kryolan  palette has some really great colors, only two out of all the colors were not very pigmented.
Even when applied over a eye primer, these do crease.

A few colors have the consistency like a lip gloss, which seems odd.

What bothers me most about this palette is the smell of the actual product. I know this is theatrical makeup but the smell is too overwhelming.

I have a few other Kryolan palettes and none of them have this chemical smell.

I even left mine open for a few days to see if the smell would go away, but it did not  :(
It didn't even make the smell lighten , which was a bummer, because like I said before, the smell is very strong.

Although the colors are really pretty, I would not recommend this palette.

Let me know your thoughts?



* This item was gifted to me, all opinions and thoughts are 100% my own *

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