Thursday, March 31, 2011

BBC San Diego Mixer experience

This past weekend I headed down to San Diego for the BBC mixer presented by Elessa Vovan of Pursebuzz.
That Saturday morning I, along with many other bloggers and makeup artist took a marketing class that Elessa taught and also a Contracts class presented by Koren Zander from EnkoreMakeup. Both classes gave very valuable information and the ins and outs that they don't teach on beauty school.

I met up with MUA Lisa Nunez ( and we went together), she is such a sweetie and a joy to be around.
She also did my makeup for the event ( I loved it ).

Once the event started I got to finally meet so many people I always talk to on twitter, and some Gurus I watch on YouTube that I have never met...Mike, The Sublime Agent, Andrea of Andreaschoice, Jarmaine of JLOVESMAC1, Anne for Yummiebitez, Rae of RAEview, and the infamous BAD GIRL Enkorrine. I also got a chance to finally meet in person Robyn from Purely Cosmetics, Maxine from Vanity Girl Hollywood, Liz from Lash Royalty , all amazing ladies.
I finally got a chance to talk to Suzy ( MacNC40), Lauren ( QueenofBlending), Jasmine ( Jazziebabycakes), and MUA Grace Chun.

They had so many thing to offer, and it was free to all who attended, hand massages, various facial treatments, body massages, nail painting, shampoo and style, as well as makeup, lash bar and much more.

Everyone got a goodie bag with amazing products, some received amazing items from VioletVoss, they also had awesome giveaways. Cant forget all the Yummy Cupcakes made by Dave :)

 Melissa owner of Little Diva Tutu's made a few of  us these absolutely gorgeous Pink tutu's, the pictures are below in previous post, Please check her site out, she sells amazing for Divas of ALL sizes, Click on her link

I also got a chance to meet some really amazing people, it was such a fabulous time for everyone who attended.

Best part was after the event, I got to have dinner with Enkore, Robyn, Grace Chun, Lisa Nunez, Crystal Strayer and her husband, and Nina ( neeners) and Dave the cupcake man :) ( Best cupcakes ever ).

At dinner Koren gave all of us a sneak peak of his new brush set collab with crown brushes, we all got to check them out and feel them and play, they are amazing Mac dupes, and super affordable, and they are gonna be released today on the Crown Brush website.

Thank you so much Elessa & Koren you are both amazing people!



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