Monday, March 28, 2011

BBC Mixer San Diego Pictures

Pursebuzz & her family!! ( all so gorgeous)
Me & The infamous bad girl Enkorrine
Gorgeous Maxine founder of Vanity Girl Hollywood
Me & Lauren ( aka. Queen Of Blending )
Fabulous celebrity MUA Grace chun putting lashes on Maxine

Fabuous MUA Lisa Nunez
Suzy ( aka MACNC40) & I
Grace & Vicki
Lisa & I
Me & the fabulous MisoJenny
Robyn & Enkorrine
Me & Liz from Lash Royalty ( liz is so gorgeous)
Liz & Lisa
Andreaschoice, LVMAKEP, JLOVESMAC1
Me & the Fabulous Sublime Agent
Rae ( Raeview) & I
Hollywoods power ladies Liz & Maxine
Suzy, Lauren, Grace, Vicki
Robyn ( owner of Purely cosmetics) & Lisa
The Dynamic Duo Pursebuzz & Enkore Makeup


  1. Wow! That looks soooo exciting!

  2. Looks like u had Fun Vick!!

  3. These were so fun to look at. Thanks for letting me know on Twitter - I am going to post this on my FB page too xo You Pink Vanity Girl, You