Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stila Make Me Blush Review & Swatches

Make Me Blush

Gold overspray comes off after 1st or 2nd use

Beautiful coral pink , color is much more vibrant then picture shows

swatched with Nars orgasm to compare

Ladies I found my new Holy Grail blush for the spring season, Stila Make Me Blush!!

It is a coral/pinky color, just gorgeous, I love Stila products and I really love their new blush, again with the hearts design for valentines day, this truly doesn't disappoint.

The gold over spray comes off completely after the first couple of uses,  but If you missed out on Mac's Marine Life, this is the next best thing.

This is on Stila's website for $14.00, I have not seen it in any stores yet. I actually just placed another order for a backup today!! Because I know this is a Limited Edition and will go fast once word gets out of this Gem!!

It looks coral on me, a little swirl and BAM, a beautiful coral glow from within .  Don't be heavy handed with this blush, because it is very pigmented! I can't wait  when I start getting darker as spring and summer approach because it would look fabulous on darker skin tones too!!

I highly recommend you check this out, you won't regret it!!


  1. noooo. No more awesome products!!! ;)

  2. They have a special valentine kit at Sephora including this blush and two mini lip glosses and hugs and kisses. It's around 20$ I think! Definitely going to buy it now thanks!

  3. Really, oh thats an awesome deal! You will love the blush!

  4. Anonymous1/26/2011

    I got mine on came with two glosses for $20

  5. OMG! I've been thinking about getting this for a week after seeing it in the Style Watch I want it and its out of stock!:(

  6. That is beautiful...such a perfect spring color!

  7. Thank you all so much for your comments!! I guess sephora has a deal for $20 bucks and you get 2 glosses as well!

  8. I think I need it...oh no...and I am in the process of making a sephora online order right now. LOL thanks for the review!