Thursday, January 6, 2011

M.A.C. Peacocky Collection Haul

 Here are the shadows I got from the Peacocky collection.

From Top: Flaunting it, Exxxhibitionist, Scandelicious, Peacocky, Vanity Fair

My initial thought on these when I first opened and swatched the mega metal shadows , was disappointment , only because  I thought they were suppost to be a cream to powder finish.

After playing with them for a few days, they have grown on me, and I really like them.
I purchased 3 from the pro site without seeing any reviews or swatches on them , then today at the Mac store I purchased 6 more of them.  Yes they are that good.

Sounds crazy right?  I love the texture on these, they're blendable and easy to work with, very smooth, not chalky at all. 

I also love the kissable lip colors, the pigmentation is wicked good , none of them are sheer, so a little goes along way.

I am very pleased with the Peacocky collection , but not pleased that  M.A.C.  keeps coming out with collections every 2 to 3 weeks, it is really getting ridiculous!!   ( I'm taking a M.A.C break, or try too anyway ) 

I plan to attend to the release party for Wonder Woman Feb 1st , and NO pro discount for this collection either as usual with special packaging.

Please let me know your thoughts?


  1. I agree about their collection releases, it's becoming a bit nuts & is hard to keep up with! Having said that there are some beautiful colours here, especially in the glosses.

  2. Thank you Tracy. Did you buy anything from the collection?