Friday, January 14, 2011

M.A.C. Mega Metal Shadows VS. Jesse's Girl Baked powder shadows

 Top Row Jesse's Girl: Ocean Breeze, Esmeralda, Plum Frost, Rosemary Frost

Bottom Row MAC: Dandizette, Dalliance, Spectacle of yourself, Mating Call

 Top Swatches with Too faced Shadow insurance primer

Bottom: Without primer.

 Lt to Rt :  MAC Dandizette, Jesse's girl ocean breeze, MAC Dalliance, Jesse's girl Esmeralda, Jesse's girl Plum frost, MAC Spectacle of yourself, Jesse's girl Rosemary Frost, MAC Mating call

Same as above just different picture.

I went to Rite Aid today  and found these Jesse's girl shadows for $3.99 each, which is regular price.  I picked out the colors I liked.

When I got home I started trying them on and swatching them.  The colors seemed very familiar, so I went through my recent MAC purchase and low and behold they are pretty similar in color only, but not texture.

MAC Mega Metals are more soft and buttery compared to Jesse's girl, which has a nice texture but is not as smooth as MAC.

Again these are not dead on dupes or anything, but they are close enough for me  where I know I don't need both.

Also Jesse's girl has glittery fallout, which I experienced with all four colors, and I do not like looking like a disco ball on my face.

I prefer MAC,  but if price is an issue for you, Jesse's girl would be a great alternative.

Let me know your thoughts?



  1. It looked like the top picture was the one without primer, or no? Either way the colors are remarkable similar but I'm not big on glittery fallout. Great review!

  2. Yeah the colors do look similar I have never tried jesses girls makeup ! Great review as always

  3. thank you so much ladies, i love feedback