Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wet N Wild Coloricon Holiday Sets

They do look so pretty in the packaging!

All four out of packaging

These are the Wet n Wild Coloricon Holiday Limited Edition eye kits. They are not very easy to find and the displays only come with 3 sets of each color.
So If you want them go early in the season for these baby's.

I found mine at my local walgreens for $5.49 each plus tax. They were displayed on the side of an endcap across from cosmetics.
I know alot of you still think of Wet n Wild as that cheap brand from Jr high, but they have really stepped up the quality!!

Most of these have great pigmentation, finger swatches look way more pigmented then how they really come out on your eye.

I will be doing a twitter giveaway soon, on the sets, Im still deciding If I should do all four for 1 winner or have 4 winners with 1 palette each.

I hope this blog post was helpful for some of you!!

Night Elf Palette

Night Elf swatches in order as they are in palette ( thought it would be my favorite, but its not)

Golden Goddess Palette ( My favorite)

Golden Goddes swatches in order as in palette

Now I switched it up and did swatches first and then palette, so tell me how you like to see swatches, before? or after palette??

Snow Sprite swatches in order in palette ( also a favorite)

Snow Sprite palette

Sugar Plum Fairy Swatches in order as in palette

Sugar Plum Fairy palette ( I was surprised how the colors in this particular palette are the least pigmented as far as the lighter colors go )

Thanks for looking and let me know what you think???


  1. OMG CUTE ! I want them all !
    I didn't even know Wet N Wild was going to release holiday sets!

  2. Omg I so need to get my hands on some of those yipeeee am glad you did this pos because to tell you the truth i really love these wet n wild palettes they work exceptionally well

  3. Yes most drug store brands don't impress me, but Wet n Wild has come along way, and it is a great alternative for those of us on a budget!!

  4. I love them and want them all, thanks for the swatches!

  5. I was so excited for these to come out, but honestly I don't like any of them. They aren't really anything I would use or I have similar colors. Great post! (:

  6. I've been on the hunt for these ever since I heard of them and no luck yet :( thanks for the swatches :)

  7. Anonymous12/09/2010

    WOW these are sooo pretty! I really want these! Nice pictures, and thanks for the wonderful post! :)

    I'm following you! Please read my blog and follow me too if you wish! ^_^