Saturday, November 13, 2010

Giorgio Armani Rouge d' Armani Best sellers set

Rouge d' Armani Best sellers ( 400 is a true Red, even though pic looks orangish red)

Set includes: Rouge d’Armani lipstick no. 510, no. 400, no. 103 order in picture.
Color your lips with our exceptional 8 hour long wear formula in our bestselling coral, red, and nude. (their description)
(My description ) The texture on these are super smooth, and non drying , I was afraid they would be drying because they are suppost to be long lasting lipsticks, but they are not, to my surprise. Although they do not stay 8 hours as they claim , more like 5 or so depending on what you are eating or drinking.
510 is more of a coral pink, 400 a true wearable red, 103 a very wearable nude color for any skin tone.
They have a magnetic cap closure, which is pretty cool in my opinion , so they don't dry out.
A $90.00 value, for $59.00, so basically its like buying two get one free since they retail for $30.oo each.
So basically you are paying $20 bucks each and for a very high end brand, a fabulous deal!!
Ladies these colors are awesome, and they all look great, you know how sometimes holiday sets seem to have a bad color in the bunch, well not in this set!!! 103 has a cult following and is hard to find on its own , Its one of the best nude colors I have come across, and I have come across hundreds!!
If you are able to get a set, Jump at the chance!!
Let me know your thought???? I love feedback!!


  1. Wow that is a good deal!!! Thanks for the post xxx

  2. sounds like a great deal! thanks for putting up the swatches, they're gorgeous colours x

  3. These shades look nice. Love that coral pink.


  4. No.103 looks like the perfect pinky nude...gorgeous! 5 hours is really good for any lipstick, in my opinion and that's such a good deal!

  5. Anonymous11/15/2010

    Those lippies look gorgeous!

  6. yes it was a good deal.... thank you all for commenting