Sunday, November 14, 2010

Giorgio Armani Lip Shimmer Holiday set

Set includes Lip Shimmer No. 9, Lip Shimmer No. 21 and Lip Shimmer No. 16

Swatches same order as top picture, No. 9, Lip Shimmer No. 21 and Lip Shimmer No. 16

This is my first time trying out Giorgio Armani Lip shimmers, and I really like them, big surprise!! ( I love most things high end, unfortunately)

The price range is high if you purchase these separately $ 27.00 ea, ( which I pay for Chanel ) but this set cost $49.00 dollars, which equals to $16 dollars and change, I can do that. ( especially since I had never tried these before)

Number 9 and 16 are shimmery and 21 is no shimmer and has a bit more color on the lips.
When I tried them at the store , from the disposable lip tester brush, they did nothing for me!!
(As we all know those brushes suck)

But as I swatched them on my hand ( with the actual brush applicator they come with ) they were gorgeous, so I had to buy them, to see if when I got home they were to my liking.

Well Yes by this review, they were to my liking and I would highly recommend this set, especially since the price is so good for these. I mean we all buy M.A.C. glosses at $14.50 a pop, Lancome $26.00 and up, Smashbox $ 18.00 , you get the picture, so for high end this is a steal!!

The texture on these just glides on and feels smooth and hydrating on the lips, no glittery texture at all.
The brush applicator it comes with is pretty good and applies the color evenly. I prefer a lip brush applicator as opposed to dough foot.

All the colors are very versatile, so you have a good range of colors for all skin tones, which in many holiday sets, that is not case.

Over all thoughts:

would I recommend this? Yes I would :) Would I repurchase these glosses? Yes :)

I hope this review was helpful.

Let me know know what you think? I love feedback!

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