Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I got these at DSW on sale for 30 bucks!! ( Bargain)
Same shoe just different picture

I have been on a shoe kick lately, and not for high end shoes, just stylish and some what comfy shoes.... You know those two words don't usually go together when talking about fashionable shoes.

I bought the top ones at DSW , they are by Steve Madden , they have a four inch heel and 1 inch platform, and they lace up, which is a plus because I do have wide feet.

On the DSW website they are not on sale , but at my local store they where 40% off....so I got these babies for 29.95plus tax. What a deal!! I would have paid full price.

If you have a wide foot ladies, I highly recommend these.

Now the ones pictured below, I am debating which ones to buy?

I want them in all black!! LOL one can never have too many black shoes in their closet, or have too many shoes in general.

These aren't not really my style but I a going outside my comfort zone, so tell me whatcha think!

Take a look at help me choose, 1, 2 or 3???


  1. I have the middle ones in brown .. and i get TONS of compliments on them, they fit well on the calf and can be dressed up or down and are really comfortable! I say go for the middle ones!

  2. I also say middle ones, the last ones or too plain and the first ones will make you look older?

  3. Anonymous10/26/2010

    The middle ones!!!!

  4. OMG CLOGS! I am dying for a pair!! I love the look of clogs with jeans!! I may do I blog post soon on the ones I have been eyeing. But the middle ones are cute as well!

  5. Middle ones! I have some fryes that look like these. I love them!!