Thursday, October 14, 2010

NARS 2010 Holiday collection

I bought everything on the left, the little bag on right and goodies were gifts!!

Top LT: Little Darling ( beautiful nude color) Top RT Petit Monstre ( light warm berry color)

Moon Fleet, Bougainville, Downtown ( very unique color)

Okinawa Trio, and Etrusque ( antiqued gold color)

LT. Oasis blush, RT, Sex appeal ( very light pink)

Top picture with flash

Top swatch: Poker Face Bottom Bad Influence

These colors are absolutely gorgeous.
Sorry the clarity is not super clear on these photos, but please check out my Youtube channel for more swatches.

These are available now at most Neiman Marcus and Saks counters.

I recommend: Pokerface nail polish, Okinawa eyeshadow trio, and Downtown lipgloss for sure!

The rest are just nice to have!

Please let me know what you think?


  1. I love this collection, but i have a question. You have Eurydice: Are the two purples too similar?

  2. No not at all. This Melusine duo is much better!!
    The purple is matte, and the silver is like a lilac silver. I hope this helps :)

  3. NARS have great colors but the prizes are crazy! Thanks for sharing!