Thursday, September 16, 2010

Suds-n-Sass Jelly Balm Review & swatches

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I love colored Lip Balms and glosses let me start by saying, I also love to support small businesses.
I have tried several colored lip balms and glosses from smaller companies, and let me say I was not impressed at all, to the point where I would never repurchase another lip product from the company(s). They were either too drying on the lips, would get hard after a month or so ( the balms), the flavoring was horrible, NO color payoff, etc.
You know they look gorgeous in the tube and you put it on , and look in the mirror and ask yourself " Where is the color "? Yup you know we have all had that happen.

I bought a few lip balms, they're called Jelly Balms at Suds-n-Sass, last year, swatched them once then basically forgot about them.
Recently I found them and opened the jars, still looking brand new, so I tried them again......OMG.............. yes that was my first thought.

The balms were still super smooth and moisturizing and best part the color payoff is amazing....I am sad because I lost 3 of the colors, but these are swatches of the 4 I bought last year and I also just purchased 2 more and 1 of her new lipglosses in Milan...and received them today.
Jelly Balms come in 10 grams jars and are $7.00 and you can pick your own flavor, or no flavor at all, my personal favorite is bubble gum.

Elizabeth is the owner and the product maker... She is very personable , she ask for input on a lot of her products, and she even writes you a personal note and gives a sample.
Which I myself think is awesome.... So you know she appreciates your business and you're not just an order number but an actual person.
It is the little extras in my book that count, and make me a returning customer.

Shipping cost is a little high in my opinion, but it is quick, and the quality is great!

I would Highly recommend her company to my friends and family, I have purchased from suds n sass in the past, bath bars and a marshmallow body souffle and scrub, which was to die for.
I used it all up.. sniff...sniff...tear

She also has some sort of affiliates program where you can apply for a one time product review on her products I believe, and you don't have to have really high sub counts and blog followers to qualify.....I really hate when companies do that!!!

Suds-N-Sass has sales pretty often so follow her on twitter to find out about them!!

I purchased ALL products with my own money..

Here is the link

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