Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chanel Soho highlight powder/blush & Stunt lipgloss review

These swatches dont do it just , these are gorgeous colors

This is a more accurate picture of the Soho De Chanel compact. L.E. $65.00

I was very hesitant to buy anything from this collection, when I first saw the promo pictures of it, more so because of the prices.
I kept lemming after the Soho De Chanel powder, and after two weeks I decided to take the plunge and buy it and I am glad I did..
It is gorgeous to say the least and I love the gloss too, very smooth on my lips.

I know this is no small purchase, but If you are a Chanel fan or just love this palette it is a must have, especially being Limited Edition.

I though it would be to light for my skin tone, that was a hesitation for me too, I have only seen other blogs with lighter skin tones swatched and I was thinking no way is it gonna show up on me.

Yay, it does show up on me and very well I must say!!

If your on the fence I would say Get it!! Get it soon too because they're already Limited Quantities. I know its not a cheap purchase, but is anything from Chanel ever?

Let me know what you think???

I am wearing Mac Pro long wear foundation in NW35 and the concealer in NW 35 as well. Chanel De Soho highlight/blush on my cheeks and Stunt Rouge Allure on lips, and mascara.

Rouge Allure Laque in Stunt, a gorgeous pinky/plum. L.E. $32.00


  1. It Looks Beautiful on you! I can't wait till mine arrives. :)

  2. I know let me know what you think :)