Friday, September 17, 2010

Bath & Body Works Halloween Haul

I was just browsing Bath & body the other day, and I came across all these cute Halloween items!
Not that I needed them but I love to decorate my house for the holidays and the pumpkin & ghost soaps were just too cute to pass up, So I picked up 3, one for each bathroom in my house.

The Skeleton bag is super cute and roomy and goes over the shoulder, price tag $40.00, I told the sales girl" No way would I pay that much for that bag", then she said they're on sale, so for $20.00 bucks, I scored , next I got the Little Haunted House, it was a purchase with purchase...
You put a big glass candle inside, it is very well made, and not cheap looking at all.

Next moved on to the hand sanitizers , again must haves, especially when you have kids. ( I bought 5 total ) plus I got 2 mini Twilight woods for men body wash
( which smells so good on my husband).

Plus I had a 20% off coupon, so total for everything pictured including a few not shown. with tax came out to $49.82.......What a bargain, for all I got!! ( It was over $118 before entering all sales codes and promos)

My suggestion, If you like anything from my haul , you go get them soon!!

Let me know what you think?????

Love this skeleton bag! Can be used all year not just halloween time!

I had to get these hand sanitizers, especially Vampire Blood, because I love true blood.


  1. Love it all,but especially the skull bag.
    Great post xxx

  2. Such cute stuff, so festive! xx

  3. My sister got the mens woods as well and is in love with it!!! I picked up a caramel apple wallflower and the smell is to die for!

  4. Anonymous9/19/2010

    I wish Maui had a B&B.Oahu is supposed to be getting one next year. I miss shopping there. Cute stuff though!!!

  5. i need that skeleton bag, could so be used around the year!! like your blog, glad i found it.